Brendon Gibbens is undoubtedly one of our favourite characters in surfing.

In case you haven’t noticed, Beeg has recently pressed the refresh button, signing with Byron / DTLA based Label BANKS, and the least we can say is that he’s been a busy man ever since. After releasing ‘Homebody’, one of our favourite surf videos in recent times and a veritable pillar to our Lacertilia extravaganza (more on the pages of Wasted Talent V…) Mr. Gibbens has been following up with a series of polished web clips, showcasing his impeccable form post knee injury, truly delighting us along the way!

After releasing Volume 1 & 2 which were mixed-bags of several locations, the third installment of the series focusses solely on Brendon’s homeland of South Africa. According the Beeg, the place happens to be a fine destination to score year-round, although Winter reigns supreme with consistent runs of swells and favorable conditions resulting of a few memorable sessions, as you’ll notice from the very first wave of his most recent opus… We miss you Beeg! Do come visit us in Europe soon!