It seems like the whole skate world is turning pro at the minute.

Vincent Touzery. Cody Chapman. Several people who had been deserving to get their names printed on a board have been rewarded in the past few days, and Jaakko Ojanen is right up there.

Jaakko is truly a unique specimen. Despite having the chance to see the man skate in real life yet, the respect he’s earned from his piers, lensmen and team managers alike is a clear indication of the exceptional skateboarder he is. At only 24, Jaakko has already carved a path of his own, doing things only he can do on a board, and his new “Jaakko and friends” part above is a testament to that. Dive in for a healthy dose of one of Finland’s finest, accompanied by Phil Zwijsen, Nassim Guammaz, Brandon Westgate and more of his Element teammates.