It's with the bodies a bit sore, and the minds still hazy that we're writing these lines.

We could blame it on France's win madness yesterday night, or on Saturday's Bastille day, but after being honest with ourselves it's quite obvious that the reason behind it is Friday night's extravaganza en marche of our release party at Coolin Hossegor.

Those who played the early birds and arrived before the madness were able to witness Benjamin Jean Jean’s x RVCA "True Stories" installation, and pick up their copies of Volume III. Congrats to the very lucky girl who found the golden ticket hidden in one of the copies and won waaaay too many socks and underwear from our good friends at Stance.

With the sun quickly setting over Hossegor's Centrale accompanied by Musique d'Apéritif's groovy DJ set, the night took another dimension as the first notes of Cheaap and Cockpit live thundered through Coolin. Our first thoughts of these amplifiers being way too big turned out to be right. It might have been a bit too loud (those who brought ear plugs made a really good move) but judging by the grin on people's face and how physical some of them got in the moshpit, we'd say that bringing this noisy bunch in town made a few happy souls.

Thanks to Stance, RVCAMan and Wolf, and Coolin for letting us do fun things, and to everyone who showed up and got their hands on the new mags!

We shall see you soon, as we might be working on another one of these magazines... But with a few plans in mind and half of our team coming back from Africa with some of the weirdest tales we've heard about, we’d say the odds are actually pretty high.